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Adjusting the foot gear lever position on a CFMoto 800MT / Ibex 800

The stock 800MT / Ibex 800 has three positions available for its foot operated gear selector. The gear lever can be removed using just the Allen bolt head. It will be installed using loctice so may take a little bit of convincing to come out. It can then be installed into either of the alternative positions. You will […]

CFMoto 800MT / Ibex 800 Adjustable Clutch Arm or ‘One Finger Clutch’

This modification will use a longer arm on the clutch mechanism to reduce the lever pressure required to engage the clutch. It is a simple install but can be done incorrectly and make your motorcycle unrideable so take your time to install this correctly. The hardware and method is identical to those used on the […]

Installing a larger side foot to your CFMoto 800MT / Ibex 800

Unscrew the screws located at the top of the new and bigger foot that’s about to be installed in order to separate it from the bottom. Carefully lift the motorcycle so that the bottom of the new foot fits snugly beneath the side stand, matching its shape. Carefully lower the weight of the motorcycle back […]

CFMoto 800MT / Ibex 800 Radiator Grille Install

Installing an radiator grille is not as difficult as it seems. It just takes a bit of knowledge and patience to get it right the first time. Follow these helpful tips and tricks to make sure your install goes smoothly. Step 1 – Assembled Parts You should already have the lower and upper brackets as […]

How to Select The Best Luggage For Your Next Motorcycle Trip

Whether you’re packing for a weekend getaway or heading on a longer road trip, your luggage is an essential component of any adventure. Fortunately, there are so many options when it comes to selecting the right luggage for your next motorcycle trip. Whether you’re heading out on a few short excursions or planning on taking […]

Step-By-Step Guide To Applying Decals To Your Motorcycle

Motorcycles are an amazing way to explore the world around you and express yourself in a unique way. With the right decals, you can make your motorcycle truly yours by giving it a special look that reflects your personality. Adding decals to your motorcycle might seem intimidating, but with the right tools and the right […]

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